Poolee Profile #70: FULLER, J.C. – RSS TUSCON

Name: Fuller, J C
Location: Tucson, AZ (originally from Phoenix, AZ)
RSS: RSS Tucson
Ship date and MOS: 2012.04.09- Crypto Linguist (tentative date and MOS)
Why I joined the Marine Corps: When I first arrived at the Armed Forces Recruiting center in Tucson,
I walked right by the doors leading to other branches and straight
into the one labled “Marines.”  I want to become the best of the best-
to overcome challenges most people wouldn’t even think to try.
Becoming a Marine would mean joining a select few and entering a
brotherhood as deep as family.  I more than look forward to the day I
ship and get my chance at becoming one of the few!

My plans for my enlistment/future: I want to serve in the Corps for as long as they will have me.  I
already have a lot of college credit so I plan to finish my degree and
apply for OCS to become an officer.  My currently selected job (Crypto
Linguist) isn’t set in stone yet but regardless what MOS I receive,
plans to stay in the Marines and become an officer will remain.

My message to other future Marines: We have all taken the first step to become United States Marines.
Even though we haven’t earned the title, we now represent the Corps
and all those other Poolees around the nation.  So let’s act like it!
This is our time to shine: to show the world what we’re made of and to
prove that we can overcome the toughest of challenges!  So go out
there and become what you want to be.  You are in control of your
future, so make sure to show the Marine Corps that you’re ready to
take on the challenge! Good luck to us all!

My favorite quote: “Attitude is Everything” – Author Unknown

Contact info: jcfuller@email.arizona.edu

About Future Jarheads

We have been mentoring future Marines and Marines since 2004.
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