Poolee Profile #45: BLASKO, D. – RSS TRI COUNTY

Name: Blasko, D
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
RSS: RSS Tri-County
Ship Date and MOS: August 29th(attempting to get one sooner), 1371 Combat Engineer
Why I joined the Marine Corps: Growing up in a military family & around guns and hunting, I always knew the military was for me, but until the last few years I really had no idea what each branch was like. I’m always ready for a challenge. I’ve wrestled for 8 years of my life and always chose to wrestle up a weight class for an extra challenge, and I loved being the under dog & every match seemed like a challenge. After growing up like this i realized that the Marine Corps was for me. Also, everyone I know looks up to the Marines above all other branches, I would love to have the respect of a Marine, there is truely nothing like it.
My plan for the future/enlistment: I chose combat engineering because I love working with huge machinery & demolitions, It always stood out above all other MOS’s to me, so I knew it was calling my name. As for the future,  I’m going to wait and see how I like the military before i decide to re-enlist, but if I do, I think I would want to spend my career as a recruiter on any future terms.
What I have to say to other future Jarheads/ Poolees: Already, do I feel the gratitude of family, friends, and even strangers. Any time people hear about your decision to join the Marine Corps people are already giving you respect. I’m really not one to enjoy working out, but when I PT with other motivated poolees and Marines, I feel like I’m not PT-ing, it’s an indescribable feeling, I feel more motivated then ever and i actually like putting in everything I have into PT. And I can’t wait to earn the title and become a Marine. So I hope you stick with your decision for you poolees & for those who haven’t enlisted yet, don’t let MEPS scare you away. Go to PT a few times and see what the Marine Corps is all about. I thnk you will really enjoy it. OORAAHHH
My favorite quote: “Bravery is being the only one who knows you’re afraid” -Franklin P. Jones
Contact info – Facebook – Drew Blasko

About Future Jarheads

We have been mentoring future Marines and Marines since 2004.
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2 Responses to Poolee Profile #45: BLASKO, D. – RSS TRI COUNTY

  1. drew blasko says:

    thanks, i ended up getting my date moved to august 22nd & i forgot to mention 9/11, after that i’ve always wanted to give that day justice, what better way then to join the Marine Corps oorah!

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