Super Poolee speaking about being a USMC poolee.

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A simple video pointing out ten of the bigger mistakes often made by poolees.

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11403008_1088254464535467_6045275469007382253_nThere is no doubt that today’s generation is very different, but then again all generations are different, right. Marines have always hated serving in the USMC, but what wasn’t present in years past was the obvious disrespect tossed at the Marine Corps itself or the selfish actions that you see from many Marines these days such as the constant blaming of others for their actions or the thinking that a brotherhood means you partying with your fellow Marine and somehow are brothers for life.
This indeed is a generation that feels entitled and wants it all right now while doing the least possible. While most will give a good patriotic speech when asked why they wish to serve as Marines, it is becoming very rare that Marines actually want to do all the things that come with being a Marine. It is as if what many only want is to be seen as a Marine while showing off that they are a Marine on their social media sites with picture after picture of them being cool. That desire to show others they are a Marine, to wear a uniform and to reap in all that comes with being a Marine seems to be blinding many in understanding that there is a huge price to pay for these things. It has to make you wonder when someone joins the USMC and then bitches and complains when they have to go train, especially when this whining bitch is an infantry Marine, but it happens all the time. I mean, is this generation really this self absorbed?
You also have many new Marines who during their boot camp leave look for ways to stay at home longer, or they right away start asking about taking leave, days off, hours of work, questioning orders, etc etc. Many of the actions you see from some of today’s Marines prove they want to be Marines by doing the least possible.
Here is a fact many of you will not admit. If the title of “Marine” was sold at Walmart and came with an Id card, a uniform, and dog tags, then Walmart would make millions since this is all many of you want. The disservice that the USMC does to itself by only having its future Marines focus on boot camp is where this decline begins and it has no one to blame but itself. It’s bad enough boot camp is structured to be passed and the weeding out of non hackers doesn’t really happen, so is anyone surprised by today’s issues found in the USMC when you put all of this together?
Talk is cheap and it will be your actions that prove what you are and why you chose to serve, so if the shoe fits, wear it proudly. KILL!!
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The below link is to a Marine mom’s blog where she posts about what it is like being the mother of a Marine.

Click on banner to visit her site.


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600 x 600

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Poolee Profile #121: SMITH, T. S. – RSS INGRAM

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Poolee Profile #120: STEVES, C. S. – RSS HAMBURG


POOLEE STEVES from RSS Hamburg, New York. Ship date of: August 10, 2015 MOS of: Logistics

Why I chose to enlist into the Marine Corps: I choose to enlist in the marine corps because they have always inspired me. I have always been a natural leader and there was no better branch for me. The marines are so much more to me that a few people who went through hell to wear those dress blues but are the true leaders. And I want that.
My plans for my enlistment/future: In the marines I plan to stay in until I’m told to stop. I want to inspire others and prove that women can and will do anything hey set their mind to. I want to earn my teaching degree and do the troops to teaching program and just do as much as I can.
My words to other poolees/future Marines: To my future brothers and sisters just remember even when times get tough don’t quit. You made a commitment to serve this nation proudly. You inspire people across the county and you are more than just a number. Always stay motivated and never forget why you joined the best fighting team there is.
My favorite quote: “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” -Milton Berle
My contact info: You can email me at: Follow me on Instagram: @ChristiSteves
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Poolee Profile #119: RAYMOND, J. L. – RSS FORT LAUDERDALE


POOLEE RAYMOND from RSS Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Ship date of 20150815 and MOS of 03xx/infantry.

Why I chose to enlist into the Marine Corps: I chose the Marine Corps after researching the other branches of the military.  In my family, I have two great-uncles who are Navy Seals, my sister and father served in the Army, cousins in the Air Force and Navy, and another great uncle in the USMC.  I have wanted to serve since the first time someone asked me the question of what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I chose the Marine Corps because each Marine is a rifleman, and they are, without question, warriors.  I want to earn that title and be part of that brotherhood.  
My plans for my enlistment/future: My contract is for 8 years of service, 4 years of active duty and 4 years of reserve duty, just like everyone else that enlists, but I would like to serve in the USMC as a career if the USMC will choose to continue to employ me in that fashion. 
My words to other poolees/future Marines: Surround yourself with people who support your decision, will help motivate you and remind you of why you want to serve.  And if there is no one there to stand behind you, then look above.  You are never alone in this.  The officer who swore me in said that those of us who serve are the real 1%.  He said that, since 9-1-1, only 1% of Americans have served their country in this way.  Only 40% of applicants are actually qualified.  You made the cut.  You can do this.
 My favorite quote:  “Every man dies.  Not every man truly lives.”  – William Wallace (Braveheart)
 My contact info: Facebook:  Jeremiah Raymond,  Email:
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