(Offered year round at our always sunny Southern California Bed and Breakfast location, and at our luxurious sand flea infested South Carolina swampy hideaway)
249780_176282402424908_137214052998410_374491_276138_n.jpgBasic info: Thank you for your interest in Tour package #1775. We invite you on our 90 day-24/7 all expenses paid vacation. This unique vacation guarantees to instill into each of you a tremendous amount of pride, while strengthening your nasty civilian body and mind to unprecedented levels. A well groomed, sharp dressed and highly motivated USMC Travel representative will pick you up at your place of residence, and from this point forward, your ass belongs to us. You bring nothing but your youthful motivation and the clothes on your back. Any extra trash you bring with you will either be thrown away or packed away and given back to you as your graduation nears, if you make it that far. Don’t expect to use any communication devices while on this vacation until your final week. You will become familiar with paper, pens, envelopes, and stamps which equals letter writing for you slower folks. We offer you the opportunity of a lifetime, and that is too become one of our proud members.

Continue reading about this wonderful 90 Day Paid Vacation here: Click here

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wertThe M16-A4 is the primary weapon used in the United States Marine Corps. It fires M855 Ball ammunition which is a 64 grain 5.56x45MM Full Metal Jacket round. The standard M16-A4 is outfitted with a Trijicon ACOG 4x scope mounted on the flattop rail of the upper receiver. The maximum effective range of the M16-A4 is 550 Meters for a point target (human size) and 800 meters for an area target (building or vehicle). The M16-A4 is a select fire weapon capable of semi-automatic and 3-round burst options. The M16-A4 has a quad-rail system that allows the user to add a forward vertical grip, or a PEQ-15 laser designator.
The M16-A4 has a 20 inch heavy barrel fitted with a NATO A2 style flash suppressor. Affixed to the front sight post is the bayonet lug which allows the user to attach a bayonet or an M203 Grenade launcher.
The M16 series of rifle has been used since the Vietnam conflict. It was first used by the Air Force as the XM-16. After being deemed worthy for combat issue, it was distributed out through the Army and Marine Corps. Soon after, there began to be complaints about the weapon malfunctioning and jamming at the worst possible times. What was found out was the soldiers and Marines were told the rifle was self-cleaning. The government sent out comic-like cleaning manuals and issues began to diminish.
Up until the War on Terror, the Marine Corps was using the previous version of the M16, the M16A2. This weapon had a fixed carry handle which was also the rear sight aperture. This made the rifle have very limited optic capabilities, therefore the Government went to the upgraded A4. The only difference between the two are the removable carry handle to add on an optic such as a Trijicon ACOG or an EOTech holographic weapon sight.
Marines using this newly configured weapon have been more effective engaging the enemy due to the advantage of having a magnified optic.
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For those of you Marines and future Marines who want to know what the required reading material is while in the Marine Corps, the below website will help you out. Or if you are just interested in reading USMC related books and want to read what many Marines also read, you will find many good books for your reading enjoyment at the below link.
Visit the Commandant’s Reading List website by clicking the below banner:


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DREAMERSWe all have dreams in life and for some the first step to our dreams of becoming a US Marine is enlisting and becoming a USMC Poolee.
The challenges are great and the rewards are even greater. If you put all of your heart into your dreams, they will eventually come true. Never settle and always strive to be better then you were yesterday and allow for no one and nothing to keep you from reaching your dreams.
Dream big or go home and let your heart guide your way into greatness!
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Poolee Profile #115: FRENCH, B. – RSS DENTON

Bailey-done-0004_1Name: French, B.
Location: Denton, Texas
RSS: Rss Denton
Ship Date and MOS: October 20, 2014 – Aircraft maintenancedivider
Why I chose to enlist into the Marine Corps: I chose to enlist in the Marines because it’s a family legacy, my dad, uncle and both grandpa’s are Marines. Plus I want to be part of the greatest brotherhood on the world.
My plans for my future/enlistment: I plan on doing 20 + years and retire. I also want to be a DI after my first contact.
My words to other poolees/future Marines: My advise to other poolees, work on your pull ups and stay out of trouble, and NO tattoos till after boot camp, it’s not worth the trouble.
My favorite quote: Quotes: live life like you’re going to die tomorrow, learn like you’ll live forever.
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Poolee Profile #114: NEAL, K.M.N. – RSS DAYTONA BEACH

downloadName: Neal, K. M. N.
Location: Port Orange,FL
RSS: RSS Daytona Beach
MOS and Ship Date: 20140623 – Aviation Mechanic divider
Why I chose to enlist into the Marine Corps: I want nothing more than to be apart of the brotherhood, to stand for something that most people can only dream of… The Marines, In addition I have always wanted to serve my country since I was a little kid.

My plans for my enlistment/future: I plan to serve 20 plus years in Marine Corps in hopes of retiring at some point. I would love more than anything to become a warrant officer! But I plan to gain the most knowledge and experience I can from the Corps then retire. School is defiantly something I am defiantly going to pursue probably up to my masters degree.

My words to other poolees/future Marines: I have been in the DEP for almost a year and all I can say is the freakin put out all day every day 24/7 you are the master of your destiny you want something go get it!! Put out, there is a reason your Drill Instructors are going to do what they do to you. They are only making you better!

My favorite quote: “Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world”!!  – Albert Einstein  and  “Death before Dishonor” USMC

My contact info: Facebook- Koby Neal

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Marines & Mickey Foundation has two (2) Missions…..
1) Marines to Disney Mission: We have committed to sending Marines that have just returned from deployment, not just combat deployments but ANY long term Operation, including the end of a three year recruiting duty or drill instructor duty to Disney World or Disney Land. Our Marines often come back from some of the worst places in the world, therefore, we want to send them to the best place in the World. We are going to send a Marine with His or Her family members which include all meals, tickets, and Hotel on the Disney Property for three (3) days, and two (2) nights. We want to reward our Marines for serving and protecting our country. Our goal.. is to soon be sending four (4) Marines and their families to Disney per month.
2) Parents to Parris Island (also San Diego) Mission: Approx. 500+ Marines graduate every Friday at each Marine Corps Recruit Depots in Parris Island SC and San Diego CA, more when females graduate every other Friday (at Parris Island only). Of those New Marines approx. 30-50 of them are alone after being dismissed… there’s no family or friends there to celebrate with them on one of the biggest days in that Marines life largely in part due to lack of financial ability from their families. We as Marines, DON’T LET MARINES STAND ALONE and we want our New Marines to know his or her family is now our family too, so Marines & Mickey’s Board of Officers and Directors are working tirelessly to figure out how to make that number dwindle to zero here in the very near future. Until then, Marines and Mickey will assist these families in multiple ways including financially but other ways as well to make it to their Marines graduation.

To visit the Marines & Mickey website, click on the below banner:

mickeybannernewestlinkYou  can also follow Marines & Mickey on Facebook:

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Poolee Profile #113: SIMS, S. B. S. – RSS LUFKIN

Location: Huntington, TX
RSS: RSS Lufkin, TX
Ship Date and MOS: September 22, 03XX – Infantrydivider
Why I decided to join the Marine Corps: I decided to join the Marines because I was looking for a adventure. I want to go out ad see the world. ever since I was little I wanted to join the military but the Marines always stuck out to me. I want to be challenged ad in the Marines I can and will be.
My plans for my enlistment/future: I plan to make a career out of the Marines. while I am in I plan to serve as a Drill Instructor.
My words to other poolees/future Marines: Do not let anyone say that you cant do it because you can when I started I weighted 246 lbs. I could not do one pull up I could not pass the run now I am at 215 and passing the IST if I can do it so can you.
My favorite quote: “I will never quit. My nation expects me to be physically harder and mentally stronger than my enemies. If knocked down i will get back up, every time. I will draw on every remaining ounce of strength to protect my enemies and to accomplish our mission. I am never out of the fight.” ― Marcus Luttrell
My contact info: Seanbsims79@gmail.com, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sean.sims.378
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